On World Toilet Day 2019, two passionate individuals who were disturbed by the deteriorating Water facilities in a rural communities and the level of contamination of surface water and the environment through open defecation decided to host events in two schools within a rural area in Abuja. since then other social media engagements have been carried out to advocate for a clean and safe water, sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene. The absence of Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) facilities in the rural areas and the lack of knowledge sharing and the dangers of open defecation became more of concern to these individuals. In 2020 volunteering for other WASH organization became Paramount, got involved in couple of events for World Water Day 2020 and COVID-19 came knocking, the effect of the COVID-19 on our activities was on our finances, we lacked funds to continue setting up projects, because all our projects and events were self funded.

Upon survival of the pandemic and the resuscitation of the economy, we came back to the drawing board in mid-2021 and birthed Hydro-Sanus Advocacy Innovative Network (HSAIN); this was registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission of Nigeria with the organization located in Abuja.

HSAIN is a Non-profit, Non governmental organization: passionate about access to Safe Water, Sustainable Sanitation and Hygiene; preventing ecosystem degradation. Our focus is on tackling water crisis and water security issues affecting the health and productivity of humans especially the vulnerable, women and children in local communities and increasing advocacy for a behavioral change on the use of WASH facilities. We also raise awareness on the direct effect of WASH activities on the ecosystem. We achieve our objectives through advocacy program, innovative solutions to tackling water and sanitation problems and creating a network of professionals that will meet the technical demands in the water and sanitation industry.